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Make your Property Picture Perfect

Setting up your property for perfect property photos

If you are serious about selling, it is important to make a listing a lasting impression of your property. With the growing number of potential home buyers looking for property online the following cannot be more accurate: " A picture speaks a thousand words"


Nothing is more important than photos that will show a home in the most favourable way when reaching out to potential buyers.  According to Propscan, you have at most three seconds to engage with a browser before they move onto the next property that match their search criteria. It is therefor of utmost importance to entice the browser and make them want to see all the features of the specific property. If you don't grab their attention in those three seconds, chances are good that you have them for good.


Here are a few tips to home owners to get their properties ''photo-ready'' when selling a property.  Important to remember that both the interior and exterior of the property plays a vital role.


Remove clutter and personal items:

  • Take down family photos
  • Remove old magazines and newspapers
  • Pack away excessive kitchen appliances
  • Clean the kitchen sink and pack away dishes
  • Make the beds
  • Pack away kids toys
  • Pack away charges, extension cords and multplugs
  • Declutter bathrooms of visible toiletries

Give the property a good clean:

  • High resolution images may show evidence of dust
  • Glass doors and windows should be clean and streak free
  • Clean tiles, carports and floors properly
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Make sure that walls are clean
  • Wipe down kitchen cupboards


  • Look out for broken door handles
  • Replace burned out light bulbs with same colour temprature bulbs
  • Remove obvious ''eye-sores"
  • Hide excercise equipment
  • Consider removing furniture if it makes the rooms appear smaller


Lawn and Garden:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Pick up dead leaves
  • Make sure the hedges and shrubs are trimmed
  • Pack away garden tools
  • Hide garden bins and empty pots
  • Clear all pathways

Pool and Braai area:

  • Make sure the pool is clean and sparkly
  • Add pool net if there is one
  • Pack away all pool cleaning tools and chemicals
  • Remove pool inflatables
  • If there is a built in braa, ensure that it is clean
  • If there is a Weber braai, remove it
  • All braai utensils should be packed away
  • Clean garden furniture
  • Remove garden hose


  • Do not schedule contractors, garden services etc on the same day as your shoot
  • Remove kids toys or bicycles lying around
  • Park cars and trailers in the garage, or out of view
  • Hide trampolines
  • Remove multiple ''For Sale" boards on the kerb outside the gate


The ideal time to take property photos is either in the morning or early afternoon when the light is best. When taking photos of the interior, make sure that ll blinds and curtains are pulled open allowing maximum light to come in. Buyers like homes that are light and bring. Clear surfaces appeal to buyers as it makes it easier for them to picture their furniture and belongings in the home.


Exterior photos are best taken after midday. The sunset and outdoor lights give a beautiful effect.