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Why Use an Estate Agent?

The Benefits

How can my estate agent help me?


House-hunting goes more smoothly if you use an estate agent. Agents provide every service associated with your property search - from expert advice in the early stages, to careful monitoring of your settlement. The more closely you work with one agent, the better your needs become known and the more effectively they can help you - saving you time and short-circuiting any problems. All agents are bound by law to deal fairly and ethically with both the buyer and the seller. Because the seller typically hires the agent, the agent is legally obliged to represent the seller's interests. This means you must decide what offers to make and what counter-offers to accept. Don't accept an offer, if you have reservations.


What are the benefits of using an estate agent? 

  • The agent can help you to set up a plan of action by analysing your needs and finances, the current housing market and homes available in your price range.
  • The agent will personally guide your search to find neighbourhoods and homes that fit your requirements.
  • The agent can advise you during every step of the process of making an offer on a home and presenting it to the seller.

 What is the role of the estate agent?

  • The estate agent is the link between the buyer and the seller. They will negotiate an agreement of sale that is acceptable to both parties.
  • An offer to purchase is drafted by the estate agent. This must be signed by the agent, the buyer and the seller. Once signed, it becomes a legally binding contract of sale.
  • A copy of this document must be attached to the loan application form.
  • For this service, the estate agent charges a fee or commission paid by the seller.

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