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Harcourts Delta Real Estate

Harcourts Delta - Leading Real Estate Company in the South of Johannesburg

Why Harcourts?


We understand People

We know that real estate clients want to deal with consultants that have knowledge, expertise, honesty and integrity, and are committed to achieving the best possible result for them.  Above all they want to deal with real people - that's why we put absolute focus on creating a relationship of trust and respect with all our clients. We've found that this philosophy is great for achieving personal satisfaction, high morale and continued success.


We are committed to a professional service

For us it’s not about how many agents we have but how many of our agents have the experience and commitment to offer our clients the best possible service. We have a stable team of loyal agents who are committed to working together and who enjoy what they do. We constantly monitor our agents’ performance. We focus on training and self-improvement. We work as a team to ensure that the service clients have come to expect from Harcourts Delta is upheld.


Looking forward, not backwards

Whilst the proud legacy of Harcourts goes way back to 1888, our total focus is firmly on the future. We are constantly asking how we can improve our systems; how we can offer our clients even higher levels of personal and professional service, and how we can train and equip our people to achieve the best possible results for their clients.


It's all about people

Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs and aspirations. That's why Harcourts people not only receive in-depth professional training (the benchmark for the industry) but are also committed to building meaningful and genuine personal relationships with their clients. And the huge volume of referrals and repeat business generated is proof that this works to everyone's satisfaction.


You can't beat the system

Because Harcourts has invested in the development of cutting edge systems, property consultants have the full range of marketing, research and technological tools available to them at all times. Working within a tightly-knit and highly-motivated team environment, the business, customer support and online services which they can draw upon are very impressive.

It's not just people who make a difference in the real estate industry though. At Harcourts, it's also about the services and tools that are provided to each and every client. Harcourts takes pride in the fact that innovation and technology are a major focus of theirs - it is one of their very real points of difference.

You don't get recognised for doing an average job - you get recognised by doing the very best job, by planning, creating and implementing excellence in everything you do. With this in mind, in 2002 Harcourts launched The Academy, a training academy providing courses for sales, management and administration to ensure that the Harcourts team received the best possible training.


Our Values

People First

Companies don't succeed, people do. As an organisation we understand that our success is all about people - our team and our clients. We must never lose sight of the 'people' being at the centre of everything.


Doing the Right Thing

There is never a right time to do the wrong thing. We all know instinctively what the right thing to do is, and so our focus is always to make the right decision, and to always do the right thing.


Being Courageous

It takes courage to always do the right thing, to always tell the truth and simply be the best at what we do. It takes courage to change career, to open a new office, to enter a new market or country. Every day we must as an organisation and as individuals, act with courage.


Fun and Laughter

We spend a significant part of our lives in our profession - we must never forget that the journey is the most important thing, not necessarily the destination. Having fun and laughter along the way as well as ensuring the people around us do, will ensure we create a life worth living.

Our values are entrenched in how our Group operates - in the decisions we make and the actions we take. Our values provide the foundation for our success.

House + Love = Home